Smoker Lady: part 1

*This is a new character that I want to mess around with. She is a smoker lady. I am not writing this to offend people that smoke, but I am writing this based off an experience I had with a smoker lady at an amusement park. It is nice to use the small things for […]

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The Invisible Killer

Many people have heard of mirrors, a reflective sheet of glass that you use to see your own reflection. Everyday, people use these surfaces in order to do hair or make up. Most of the time, it is girls — sometimes boys. But what these people don’t know is what lies beneath. You could call […]

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Crimson Feathers

His face was there in my mind, now gone. I remember it as plain as the day he left me. I remember the long, loose shiny brown ringlets, his hair, which would waterfall down his head to his hips, as well as his fair, unblemished skin. His eyes — they were in all shades of […]

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My eyes were focused on the pair of Barbie dolls in my hand, a pair of Identical twins with long hair; or so, they seemed. I named them Sally and Anna and they were sisters, and they were always happy. Whenever I play with them, they were always shopping or baking cakes. I was on […]

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  The four suns eddied in circles across the purple sky, as if chasing each other throughout the day; and as they danced away, the suns making their way towards the afternoon, shadows from the trees and guardian poles danced across the woodlands of Kaen’diie. Every so often, a High One would offer blessings to […]

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A Promise — Part 3

I woke up. Every bone in my body hurt. A dull pain emerged at the base of neck when I turned to see spirit sleeping on the grass. Where am I? I thought, noticing speeding objects and lights flashing at both of my sides. I was lucky to wake up to such a bright sky, […]

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A promise: part 2: The portal.

My sister and I neared the portal. “Don’t let go.” Spirit ordered, “Hold tight.” I nodded. “I will.” We stepped inside. I took a breath by instinct.The portal entrance became like water on my skin, swallowing me and my sister into the endless blackness beyond. I couldn’t see Spirit, but I know that she is […]

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