Burned at the Stake: Part 1

—Not suitable for children, contains blood and violence.—   Ninanna Mur’ en- kamara watched as two guards passed her, carrying a rabid, screaming woman with red-hair. She got a glimpse of her face, which would be beautiful if it weren’t for that large chin of hers. Her eyes were green, a rare color amongst the […]

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Strange Bots

At first everything seemed ok, then I noticed that I got really dizzy and found it hard to stay focused. I was going downstairs to get coffee and start on my novel. I ignored the dizziness and blamed it on dehydration. I promised myself that I would drink water after I finished my first cup […]

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Immortal dust.

A baby was born in Babylon several thousand years ago during a moonless night. she was an unexpected child, born to a woman who was forced to marry, and who’s parents continued to beg for her to have a son, repeatedly, and she ended up with a girl. Desperate to get rid of the child, […]

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Anyue’s Story: Part 2

I take a path towards a grouping of three huts; the grass rubs against my ankles as I creep closer, the healer following behind. I look in between the gap between two huts, and notice a woman banging her head still yelling words in an unknown language. She looks alone and fragile, like nobody cares […]

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Anyue’s Story: Part 1

Dedicated to my readers.   Looking through a bush, I peer in looking for the last berry, which happens to be resting in the middle of the bush. Through the tangles of thorny branches, I see a hole leading to the berry as it awaits to be picked. I stick my hand in the bush. […]

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